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[Drabble of the Day] Near You

Near You
Luhan (EXO) x Baekhyun (EXO)


When he heard the song, he never saw some random street light like he used to. It would never feel the same again because what happened under one of them was nearly took his life. If it wasn’t for a pair of arms that held him back to the sidewalk just a second before a wild taxi smashes him, he would be flattened on the asphalt. The said song was claiming his sense in his ears through his earphones, muting his surroundings. That’s why he didn’t hear the honking taxi.

To say that he was shocked to death was understatement, he was more like hammered to death then dragged back to life again in the next second. It was painful and delightful at the same time. Painful, because he was almost died running by a speeding taxi. And delightful, because of his savior was heart-stopping gorgeous angels could cry in shame.

Baekhyun was astonished. He was sure he was looking at a Heaven’s create, a lovely being almost godlike, a lovechild of Morpheus and Aphrodite; so breathtakingly beautiful that almost impossible to exist.

But he was there, just like the song in his ears. Perfectly streaming down his soul and calming his senses but yet again, thumped his heart faster than any beat it ever committed. Baekhyun could only watch hopelessly when his savior smiled down at him, even his voice was like a Heaven’s whispers, soft and tinkling, abusing his poor petrified mind.

“Are you okay? God, you almost get killed—are you hurt?” the savior did a brief check up on him if he was injured in anyhow. But seemed like Baekhyun already lost his ability to speak, too drown in the sublimity in front of him. “Hey, can you hear me?”

Oh I hear you alright. Just please keep talking….

“Um… I… uh…” Baekhyun struggled to speak, “Um… can I buy you a coffee?” and he wanted to slap himself for being so straightforward yet so dumb. But to his agony, the savior chuckled.

“You’re okay then.” He said, amused.

“Um… so… coffee, yes? For a thank you?” Baekhyun stuttered, much to his embarrassment, but he just couldn’t stop, like he was in autopilot; like his mouth has its own brain since his brain now is a wreck. The savior let out a light laugh.


“Um… what’s your name?”

“It’s Luhan. And you’re cute~”

“It’s… um… Baekhyun actually, but thank you.” Baekhyun bit his lips, “For that, and for saving my life.”

Luhan gave him a sweet murderous megawatt smile Baekhyun almost faint when he saw it, “Don’t mention it, Baekhyun~” he chirped, and oh how Baekhyun loved his name rolled on the other’s tongue.

Just like the song in his ears that kept on flowing, real and alive, so does the flawless being before him. So does the feeling that starting to grow in his heart. The feeling of admiration, the feeling of the brain malfunction, the feeling of numbness all over the limbs, the feeling of the gentle curse in the universe, the feeling of love. The feeling he had towards the savior. The feeling he had developed just within seconds he spent time near the man.

Near you.

Near light.

[FIC] Various Pairings - EXO - Sugar Cubes - 1/1

Starring: EXO boys
Warning: very short, just a slice of life, crappy english, like really really crappy T_T unbetaed, probably some typos.. and Boys!LOVE of course (you've been warned)
Chap: 1/1
Beta: none
Genre: romance, fluff
Rating: PG


Cerita dibawah ini meminjam karakter dan jati diri personel boyband EXO. I’m not them, I do not own them either, and I don’t have any relationship with them. The story below just from my head and pure fiction. Tidak merusak lingkungan dan dijamin just for fun.


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[Drabble of the Day] Last

Xiumin x Luhan


He knew that it’s not a wise thing to have such a feeling towards the other. In fact, he never really care. Even if it kills him, he didn’t care. He didn’t care if Xiumin kills him, like his name would force him to do.

Luhan simply didn’t care.

Every bounds between their family are cursed, there’s no tolerance even for a simple kindness between their names. It was broken from the root, they cannot fix it; even if they want to, and Luhan really wanted to, they are forbid to do so.

And it would be a foolish chance to take any risk, no one ever tried. But Luhan will be the exception, that’s what he thought. He couldn’t resist, he’s so in his undying and unrestrained feeling, stupid, strong and careless decision.

And so, he let his balcony door open for Xiumin to stepped in, as the later looked into his eyes with a sincere smile that Luhan knows, is carrying tons of mission to extinguish his clan, the Telekinesis clan.

Luhan smiled back, letting his guard down only around Xiumin, and the temperature in his room is starting to lowered down, Celsius by Celsius.

“I’m afraid this will be the last time I come to see you.” Xiumin said as he stood in front of Luhan’s bed. Luhan sighed slightly, but his gentle smile didn’t cease.

“I know…” he breathed out.

“I’m sorry, Luhan.”

“Do you love me, Xiumin?”

“Of course.” Xiumin took no time to answer. Luhan let out a small laugh and reached his arm out, asking Xiumin to come closer. The later walk slowly to his bed and sat down next to him. Luhan put his palm on the others face, caressing his cheek slowly. Xiumin skin as cold as snow, like the Ice Prince from the Frost clan he is.

“Would you stay until I fell asleep?”

They both knew that this is the time. Xiumin nodded.

As Luhan laid back on his pillow, Xiumin crawled on top of him, hovering him as he kissed him deeply, while another Celsius dropped from the air around them.

It’s like a slow and cold lullaby, Luhan thought.

When Xiumin released his icy lips from his own, Luhan smiled at him sleepily, shivered inside his blanket.

“See you around, Xiumin…” And he closed his eyes, letting the breeze drifted him to his eternal slumber.

Xiumin watched as Luhan slowly gone in his deep sleep, making him less suffered to face his death. At least he didn’t have to feel any pain, except for their broken bound.

A/N: um... happy birthday Xiumin~ ^0^)/

(no subject)

im willing to take the risk, im willing to face the greater challenge, just for your sake..

hello there, how are you?

met my elementary school friends and some of them already married, have kid/s and live happily as a tiny family. i think it's beautiful to see them happy with their husbands/wives. one of them is pregnant about a month old and she looked so happy, and pretty. i don't know, maybe pregnancy makes her looks prettier.

i wonder if i have a chance to live as a wife happily, i mean, im used to be a free spirit that not belong to anyone, even having a boyfriend is such a pain for me. when will i fell in love to someone deeply i could give my life to him? the last time i love someone like that ended up miserably hurt. like, i never feel anything since then. like falling in love is spooky thing lol

im afraid to get hurt, maybe that's why it's hard for me to open myself and let someone in. im so scared to the point that i dont even care about married. it's not that i dont want to get married, i just dont want to think about it or make a plan about it.

so.. someone told me that married is wonderful. i wonder.. is it really that wonderful?
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